Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Accessdata Imager Lite and RAM

Accessdata has recently released it's lite version of Imager, which now has the ability to image RAM - Imager v2.6.1. The full install version came out a while back, but recently they update their lite version. Haven't had an opportunity to test it beyond 32-bit XP, but the free all-in-one product is appealing. Only tools you'll need is forensically clean USB Thumbdrive. Give yourself some room to spare and consider imaging the RAM to the thumbdrive. I'm waiting for information on the memory footprint. Updates like this certainly add polish to v2.2.1 of it's full FTK product which I've recently added to my arsenal. Take my word - it's now worth the upgrade from v1.8.
Next.....speed. I'm really thinking that my new Digital Media card - SanDisk Extreme III -(30MB/Sec) may allow faster acquisition. Certainly faster than my cheap $9 thumbdrive. Time to dig out the benchmark software.

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