Thursday, September 23, 2010

Caine v2.0 - Newlight released !

The newest version of Caine, a forensics live Linux distro, has been released. Some of the 20 new tools include MountManager, SSDeep, Air v2.0.0, Log2Timeline and a whole pile of Scripts which are accessed off the file browser. A full list of tools is available on their site.  If you use WinTaylor, the versions been updated to v2.1. Downloading the new version as I type. For the price (Open Source), it's a "must have" for your forensic arsenal. It was less than two months ago when Caine was the only toolset I could get to recognize a signficantly corrupted 500GB portable USB drive, and then carve out images, WordPerfect files, raw images, etc. Directions are available on the site for creating a USB version for a Netbook.  More to come as I try out the new features.  Download the ISO (Caine and NBCaine v2.0) here.

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