Friday, April 30, 2010

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (April, 2010)

Symantec has published their Internet Security Threat Report - both the Internet Security Threat Report: Volume XV: April 2010 and their Executive Summary.  Their annual reports confirms many of the threat vectors we've heard about over the previous months including PDF documents, Active X, web-based attack, etc.  Included is browser comparison, and more definitive information related to hacking, phishing, spam and botnets.

I have been looking for information which can be added to a presentation that I can present to various C-Level Executives.  Realizing that the focal points of said presentation is inevitably different than that directed at mid-level managers, I found such information within this report.  For example, on Pg. 48 of the full document, there is a bar graph detailing New malicious code signatures from 2002 - 2009.  The significance is obvious when you look at the graph.  The question is however, can we translate this trend into additional resources to enhance IT/Information Security within an organization?

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