Friday, March 26, 2010

What are you telling your investigators/officers?

We had some discussion over the last few weeks about the ability (or inability) of non-forensically trained investigators to assist in the collection of digital evidence at crime scenes.

As we see the field of forensics adopting a stronger move towards live acquisitions (including RAM, certain (un)scripted processes and eventually the hard drive), we are wondering what we should be tasking our investigators to do. Our unir simply cannot assist at every scene. Too many cases and far too wide a geographical area. Is pulling the plug in these circumstances still acceptable? Should we be moving to a "Cofee-type" procedure where little training is required. One significant challenge is the numerous different areas in which our officers must acquire and maintain skills (in traditional policing areas). Can we really expect them to rise to a new level??

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

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