Saturday, August 29, 2009

Internet Evidence Finder - IEF

Trying a tool from JadSoftware which can be run against a physical drive, or a logically mounted drive (PDE, Mount Image Pro) or a single file (such as a imaged memory, pagefile or hyberfil). Tool now extracts:
  • Facebook Chat
  • Yahoo Messenger Chat
  • Live Messenger Chat
  • GoogleChat
  • Yahoo Mail Chat
  • Facebook Page Fragments
  • Limewire Search History
  • GMail fragments

Output is placed into folders that are created for each type of evidence being searched for. From initial testing, it appears to work quite nice and has even pulled chat that EnCase EnScripts have missed. The program references the physical sector where the chat/fragments, etc are located allowing for a manual verification.

v2.0.1 now released. Price: Free.

Update August 31st, 2009
And v2.0.2 was released today to correct the accuracy of a LimeWire Keyword Search.

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